With the plethora of analysis tools available out there I believe being able to test and analyse web and mobile designs is as important as being able to be creative. Unlike print design with web we can get feedback from every one of our visitors, we can analyse time spent on site, click-throughs, visitor flow, goal completion, etc which is all invaluable data to be fed to designers to help improve the effectiveness of web designs.

At Betfred we regularly benchmarked ourselves against competitors. We used Userzoom and could measure time to complete, efficiency, clicks, etc. We could learn from our competitors and feed this knowledge back into our designs.

Competitor Analysis

Using scroll rates, click throughs, open rates, etc we would multi variate test emails. Trying different layouts, image vs text, image size, etc we would improve our effectiveness of email campaigns and imagery.

Email Analysis

Every interface I design I wireframe first. It's such a fast way to give stakeholders an idea of the finished product it saves countless iterations down the line. Axure is my software of choice and I consider myself an advanced user.


Using tools such as Crazy Egg it's possible to gather really informative data on how usable new interfaces are. It's a cost effective, time effective and un-obtrusive way to gather really excellent data.

User Testing

A/B testing with a clear goal (increase registrations, decrease time to first spend, etc) is a really effective way of deciding between interface designs.

A/B Testing

Task based user research and user surveys. This would normally comprise of 100-200 customers selected to complete tasks and provide feedback. This information was then fed back into the design process.

Click Paths & Data Analysis