interface design

I enjoy interface design and believe I have the perfect background for the job – a technical degree and understanding of exactly how websites are created/built (I know how to design so developers can actually create the thing!) and the creative know-how to make the experience enjoyable for the user.

Redesign of the Betfred registration page. All changes were extensively researched and tweaked for efficiency. Certain subtle differences were found to increase conversions - slightly larger font, help messages, etc.

Registration Page

Simple one page website designed to be informative and easy to navigate.

Corvedale Compost

Designed to be fun and animated while still getting the information across to the user in an easy informative way.

Poker client designed for Old Trafford Supporters Club

OTSC - Poker Client

A complete redesign of the Betfred bet-in-play page. The page is very dynamic and constantly changing and updating with live scores and odds

Bet In-Play Page - Betfred

Redesign of

Casino Page - Betfred

Betfred's welcome page for Facebook


Simple tourism information website

Shropshire for Groups